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Creating dashboard in Yii

First of all you should think of what should be presented on dashboard, you have chosen some entities already. From that entities there might be different criteria for showing items:

  • One will show latest products
  • Other will show last edited posts by user
  • And maybe sales will show highest sales?

Rock solid date input

There are ready components which allow creating date input user friendly, or at least it looks like user friendly.

Date picker input is pretty popular complex input type, where user have to choose predefined data in predefined range and format. It is used widely, everyone know how to use it and users don't have to wonder what date format should be used.

MongoId - why it is better than SQL id

Comparing entire SQL and NoSQL is like apples vs pears, but some parts of both systems can be compared for features and disadvantages. When coming from SQL to NoSQL database, in this case MongoDB, numerous confusions might arise. One of them is with MondoId, which serves as unique identifier for Mongo documents. In relational databases id is generated after insert operation and it is simply integer value incremented on each insert operation. In MongoDB id can be generated by database, but it can also be provided before insert.