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Knockout binding handlers 

Knockout Binding Handlers

This package provides additional binding handlers for knockout JS. This makes possible binding editable values and also exposes formatters as a one-way bindings.

While base knockout JS package provide many binding handlers these are supplemental ones or completely new.

Binding handlers in Ko-Balin include, but are not limited to (in somewhat alphabetical order):

  • Access control helper
  • Common CSS classes shortcut binidings
  • Data-* attributes
  • Date picker
  • Datetime formatter
  • Enumumarations formatter/styler
  • Fancytree including drag and drop
  • File size formatter
  • Hidden - exacly opposite to built-in visible binding
  • Href to bind link href attribute
  • HTML nested list tree
  • HTML value for contenteditable attributes
  • Model binding for storing (partial) objects in HTML
  • Src binding for image src attribute
  • Text value for contenteditable (optionally with code highlight)
  • Tooltip for auto enabling twitter bootstrap tooltips
  • Treegrid widget
  • Validation facility in object oriented style
  • Video playlist and thumbnails
  • Other, possibly less usefull binding handlers
  • Projects