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php composer

The composer might downgrade package instead of updating. This might be the case when dependent package requires third party package version that is lower than currently installed by root package or other package. Composer itself have tool to get some information about such case.

Why prohibits update:

composer prohibits maslosoft/hedron:1.1.17

The command parameter name is prohibits and can take as an argument package name along with the version. This outputs useful information about why package cannot be upgraded or installed.

This also accepts versions in format same as for update:
composer prohibits symfony/console:^4
Example output of command:
maslosoft/hedron   1.1.17      requires          zordius/lightncandy (^1)                      
maslosoft/signals  dev-master  does not require  zordius/lightncandy (but v0.95 is installed)  

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