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Mini view is minimal template rendering library based on Yii controller renderer 

Minimal PHP view

PHP itself is a kind of templating language. Some other supplemental languages have been implemented too. To use each one of them, we need to know how to use it, locate file exacly, and use some low-level commands like require.

Common interface

This view library provides common interface for PHP, or other templating engines, with option to extend it. Main power of miniview, is that it requires minimum code and effort to use MVC like views. It will also locate file relativelly to currently used class. It is safe to use with any functions directly outputting text, as it will capture any output and allow it to be passed anywhere, or just be displayed.

Miniview 2.0.2


  • Support project with your solutions
  • Let open source grow
  • Showcase your code
  • Protect your intelectual property
  • Influence project direction
  • Support project evolution
  • Ensure continuous development

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