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Zamm is a documentation tool 

Working examples

It is quite important for examples or code snippets to actually work. When writing documentation in Markdown, Tex or other documentation tools, one could easy omit some important code fragments and create broken example. When using advanced IDE's like NetBeans Eclipse many early code problems are avoided. This also takes care of refactoring - which need to be also applied to documentation. It is also very important to have good php docs on classes.

Basically it means that there are three aspects of coding which need to be in sync, while order of creating is somewhat like this:

PHP Code PHP doc blocks Documentation

It would be good to have as much as possible to be reused from code or doc blocks in documentation.

Documentation written in PHP

To make documentation more consistent with Zamm, documentation can contain PHP code snippets, source code fragments or phpdoc comments extracted from source code. Then theese fragments can be rendered according to context, usually wrapped with pre tags, or Markdown fences.

Zamm can capture code fragments of inline php, to allow in-place php execution while grabbing it's source at once. Very usefull for user interface demos.



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