Gazebo 1.1.10


  • Support project with your solutions
  • Let open source grow
  • Showcase your code
  • Protect your intelectual property
  • Influence project direction
  • Support project evolution
  • Ensure continuous development

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Addendum Easy to use php annotations
Cache Easy to use, auto configurable, extensible cache provider
Cli Shared Shared CLI application components
Embedi Embedded DI container
Hedron PHP source code class header applier
Signals Wireless Cross-Component Communication
Zamm Zamm is a documentation tool

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Plugin container 

Plugin container

When developing plugins for Your application, these might come in very different kids. This library helps managing plugins by providing sets of instantiated plugins required for various scenarios. All plugins for component using gazebo are configured as a one simple list - thus allowing for easy adding and removing them - without bothering which plugin type should go where.