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Creating a website these days is a bit different than a years ago, however it shares the major challenge - interoperability and compatibility. Back in the dark times during reign of Internet Explorer 6 it was tricky to have a website that looked the same on each of market browsers. Especially that some major player named Firefox started implementing various nice features, while leaving popular browser behind. Developers either had to choose to target older browsers, leave most users with weird looking websites - or use the proper approach with various tricks and hacks to make Internet Exploder (nicknamed) work in a bit more modern fashion.

Now web designers have a lot more expressive options to design websites with CSS and if properly used it looks pretty much pixel perfect on each desktop browser. The new requirement is to have a websites that work properly on devices with different displays, starting from small mobile phones for up to 4K monitors or even more. With proper technique the layout of a website can stretch and rearrange depending on the device screen resolution. On large devices the content can be presented in columns similar to those of paper gazette while switching to rows on devices with smaller screen real estate.

Designing website starts with the meeting and knowing the person or company who would like to create it's internet representation. Only after knowing in person the website investor ensure success and satisfaction of created website. Knowing about company operations, products or services helps greatly in preparing website design and preliminary structure. After knowing each other personally and having some general overview of requirements the next phase of site creation is to prepare draft design and scaffolding of structure. The design evolves in time allowing purchaser to have a website designed to his needs, however with our advises at some points where our experience might result in better visitor experience. At some point design is accepted by our customer and we are happy too that the website is designed professionally.

While preparing the design surely part of the website content will be added to website with our content management system, but building successful internet presence requires a lot of preparation of texts to showcase the company highlights, key achievements, current operations. The content can be extended further after initial website publication, and in fact to leave a good impression on your visitors it is required to have up to date information and possibly company news with more and more popular company blogs. That is, creating website requires also hard work on the purchaser side, as he knows best know-how about company.

Main direction of Maslosoft is creating software. The software for managing websites especially. Our flagship web application Bene Best provides editing capabilities unique to the market, including true visual editingrich media,     social networks integration, arbitrarily customized website and web page structure.

Except the website you are currently viewing, some other ones are using Maslosoft software. Some are using Staple, the new ones use much more advanced Bene Best. If You are a web designer and looking for cooperation regarding CMS solutions feel free to contact us.

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