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Wrapper is a helper, which is returned by various Zamm tools, this ensures proper formatting, by adding HTML pre tag for HTML formatting, or triple ` for Markdown syntax.

There is also inline wrapper, to wrap inline snippets: class names, method names etc. This wraps text with code tag for HTML, or single ` for Markdown.

Both can be used by adding $html or $md indicator to selected Zamm method calls. Alternativelly this can be invoked by appending method calls, respectivelly html() or md(). Wrapper type is defined by Zamm, so it is automatically selected according to context. Generally, for names it is inline, for code fragments it is multiline.

Example usage of inline wrapper:

Maslosoft\Zamm\Capture Maslosoft\Zamm\Capture

echo (new Namer(Capture::class))->html . PHP_EOL;
echo (new Namer(Capture::class))->md;

Example usage of multiline wrapper:

     * Get code for HTML formatting.
     * @return Wrapper
public function html()
    $this->isHtml = true;
    return $this;
echo (new Source(Wrapper::class))->html()->md;