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Wireless Cross-Component Communication



Signals are a kind of connector between scattered application components. These components are supposed to be dynamically linked, mostly by installing them via composer.

Quick start

Install via composer:

composer require "maslosoft/signals"

Required directories

Signals require writable directory generated in application root. This directory should be committed together with codebase. Another required writable directory is runtime for temporary files, this should not be committed, and it's contents can be safely cleared.

In Short Summary

Required writable directories:

  • generated - commit this
  • runtime - do not commit this

Generate signals

Before use codebase need to be scanned for signals and slots.

To generate issue command:

vendor/bin/signals build

From now on signals can be emitted and gathered within your code.

Check this repository for working example of Signals

To customize available options head to configuration secion.