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Wireless Cross-Component Communication



When using default settings configuration is not nessesary.

Configurable options

Property Documentation

Extractor configuration


Filters configuration. This filters will be applied to every emit. This property should contain array of class names implementing filters.


Directories to ignore while scanning


Input/Output configuration, at minimum it should contain class name for builder input output interface. It can also contain array configurable options for IO class.


This paths will be searched for SlotFor and SignalFor annotations.

TODO Autodetect based on composer autoload


Runtime path is directory where config cache from yml file will be stored. Path is relative to project root. This must be writable by command line user.


Sorters configuration.

Configuration types

Signals can be configured by directly setting up named instance, by configuration adapters or via signals.yml file.

Direct configuration

To directly configure - instantiate signals - with optional instance name. Then set available public properties to required values and then call init.

Configuration via adapters

For more details about adaptes visit EmbeDi project documentation.

Configuration via signals.yml

All options available in Signal can also be configured in signals.yml file in project root.

Example configuration file:

# Default configuration file
   class: Maslosoft\Signals\Builder\Addendum

# Builder extractor configuration
# Input output configuration
   class: Maslosoft\Signals\Builder\IO\PhpFile
   runtimePath: runtime
   generatedPath: generated
# Paths to search for signals
   - vendor
   - src