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Wireless Cross-Component Communication


Gather signals

Before gathering signals, signal definition must be generated.

Gathering is a process somewhat opposite to emitting signals. In this scenario, we treat signals as a beacons and gather method call as a receiver for those beacons. Gather more like listens to signals, without taking any action by signals.

As mentioned above to gather signals, call gather method.

Setup classes

First create slot class implementing SlotInterface. This will be passed to gather method.

To allow class to be gathered, two criteria must be met:

  • Class (or it's partial) must have @SignalFor annotation with corresponding slot
  • Class (or it's partial) must implement AnnotatedInterface or it will not even be parsed by annotations engine.

When to use gathering

Gathering is especially usefull fo collecting types, without their interaction. This is espacially usefull to place @SignalFor on some interface, thus allowing to collect all implementation in entire application.