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MongoDB Object Persister



Mangan goal is to allow storing PHP objects in MongoDB. These can be composed in more complex structures, be either embedding, referencing or relations. It is generally ready to use out of a package. However at least some minimal configuration is required, for instance database name.


Use composer to install mangan:

composer require maslosoft/mangan


It is recommended to use EmbeDi to configure Mangan. This allow separation configuration from actual usage. Minimum configuration required is database name, using property dbName. Default configuration ID is mongodb.

Use statements omitted

$config = [
'mongodb' => [
'class' => Mangan::class,
// Database name
'dbName' => 'quick-start',
EmbeDi::fly()->addAdapter(new ArrayAdapter($config));

Now, assuming that we have some models ready, Mangan is ready to do it's duty. When using built-in base documents classes, active document (derived from active record) pattern can be used, for instance:

$plant = new Plant;
$plant->name = 'Grass';

Check this repository for working example of Mangan