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Aspects are the point of view, of whats going on on model. These are similar to scenarios, except that model can have many aspects.

This has advantage, that depending on situation aspects can be added or removed.

Aspects can be used for example in sanitizers, to sanitize according to aspects. Or in validators to possibly validate in different way or even skip validation in some cases.

The aspect itself is simply string, which identifies aspect. Aspects can be added removed or checked for existence.

Aspects are set recursively, so that sub objects will also have aspect set or removed on root model.

Using aspect manager

To use aspects model must implement AspectsInterface, which can be done with predefined AspectsTrait To simplify using aspects, the AspectManagerclass can be used which checks for AspectsInterfaceimplementation and adds, removes or checks for aspect.

AspectManager::addAspect($model, 'myAspect');
AspectManager::removeAspect($model, 'myAspect');
AspectManager::hasAspect($model, 'myAspect'); // Will return true
Example of aspects flow
$model = new MyModel;
AspectManager::addAspect($model, MyModel::AspectViewing);
// Further in code
if(AspectManager::hasAspect($model, MyModel::AspectViewing))
    echo "Viewing $model";
Using built-in aspects in sanitizer

The EntityManagerInterface::AspectSaving is set just before saving and removed after save, regardless if it was successful or not.

class MySanitizer implements SanitizerInterface
    public function read($model, $value)
        return $value;

    public function write($model, $value)
        if(AspectManager::hasAspect($model, EntityManagerInterface::AspectSaving)
            // Do some extensive computing
            return $value + 2;
        return $value;