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Annotations Defaults

Mangan allow You to set default (initial) values for annotations. This allows You to change some behaviors globally, without changing code.

This is somewhat advanced feature, misusing it might cause problems.

For technical reasons, annotations configuration can be set up only for default Mangan instance.
In other words, it cannot be model/connection dependent.

End of warnings :)

For instance, the behavior of international fields can be changed to always return some value. So that instead of setting $allowAny or $allowDefaultfor each field, this can be configured globally with option to override for any property.

Example for I18NAnnotation

The properties $allowAny and $allowDefault can be set on any annotation to set empty model field value to - respectively - any language that has some value or to use default language value:

 * @I18N(allowAny = true, allowDefault = true)
public $title = '';

By default these properties are both false. Mangan allows You to change these default values at one go. The configuration property for annotations default values is $annotationsDefaults.

This needs to have keys with annotation class names, and values as a hashmap matching keys to annotation class properties. The values will be applied to any new annotation instance.

Example $annotationsDefaults configuration

It is recommended to use ::class magic constant, eg I18NAnnotation::class

'annotationsDefaults' => [
    I18NAnnotation::class => [
        'allowAny' => true,
        'allowDefault' => true,

With such configuration, the I18NAnnotation will always return any or default value.

To make exception or to make property immutable from default behavior, set these values explicitly:

* @I18N(allowAny = false, allowDefault = false)
public $title = '';