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Flexible Application Foundation


Maslosof Components are a set of classes used to create application with web or command line interfaces. Components are mainly focused on document based approach with MongoDB used as a storage and ElasticSearch for searching those documents.

Facilities used here also provide easy transformations of documents between various formats:

  • PHP Arrays
  • JSON Documents
  • Documents ready for storing MongoDB or ElasticSeach
  • YAML or event DataMatrix image

With this foundation document can be stored, retrieved, searched, updated and deleted in DataBase, can be transmitted over internet or even printed on paper media and sent via ground post.

Furthermore the documents can be validated against data and permissions constraints. Both in term of whole document or it's parts.

As being said, this system is document based, thus allowing arbitrarily complex structures to be represented as a single object.



Maslosoft Widgets are set of twitter bootstrap widgets, dynamically managed by knockout and backed by php and mongo.

Quick start

Install via composer:

composer require maslosoft/df

Widgets are generally created by calling by ClassName::widget($config) (or by new operator), this call returns widget instance, which can also be echo'ed to get HTML via PHP's magic method __toString.

Some widgets, specially those which require further method calls are created by instantiating objects with new operator. This method can be used on all widgets.