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Overriding Renderer

To override renderer per grid instance, it is possible to set different rendering class for each of the columns.

To define custom renderer, column definition should be extended to array with required class parameter and any parameters available for particular renderer.

Example of editable fields

In this example user lastName is rendered by EditableText, while by default it would render with Data.

Default renderer can be defined on model with @GridRenderer annotation.

Click on any of names of "Last name" column, it is now editable.

No items found
First name Last name E-mail Activated

Notice the second column definition, that contains array with class and name values.

echo GridView::widget([
	'dataProvider' => new DataProvider(new ExampleUser(), [
		'pagination' => [
			'size' => 10
	'columns' => [
			'class' => EditableText::class,
			'name' => 'lastName',