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Slider Tabs

Slider tabs, are tabs, which are controlled by slider. These are very similar in usage as Tabs. However switching is far more faster as it can be done by mouse drag. Might be useful for presenting incrementing data. Works especially well with many tabs.

Slider Tabs with default configuration.

Content of one
Content of two
Content of three
Content of four
Content of five
Content of six
echo SliderTabs::widget([
	'items' => [
			'label' => 'Item one',
			'content' => 'Content of one'
			'label' => 'Item two',
			'content' => 'Content of two'
			'label' => 'Item three',
			'content' => 'Content of three'
			'label' => 'Item four',
			'content' => 'Content of four'
			'label' => 'Item five',
			'content' => 'Content of five'
			'label' => 'Item six',
			'content' => 'Content of six'