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Toggle Renderer

There are two distinct classes for form and grid renderers, however base name is same for them.

The fully qualified class names:

Toggle for grid/list

Toggle renderer might be used to render values in grid:

Use Toggle renderer to render simple Yes or No in grid column, whether value evaluates - respectively - to true or false.

While the value is not strictly compared, it is recommended to be of type boolean.

Example usage:


Toggle for forms

The Toggle can be used to render checkbox value in forms:

Use Toggle form renderer to render checkbox in form. The value of field, on which this renderer is used must be boolean, as checkbox state is strictly compared.

Example usage:


If You need to use both, use them with alias.

To make sure that Your IDE will keep imports, the @see PHPDOC notation can be used.

Example of using with alias:

use Maslosoft\Widgets\Grid\Column\Toggle as GridToggle;
use Maslosoft\Widgets\Renderers\Form\Toggle as FormToggle;

class Site extends MongoDocument
     * @GridRenderer(GridToggle)
     * @FormRenderer(FormToggle)
     * @see GridToggle
     * @see FormToggle
    public $enabled = false;